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About Laura

29 June 2023

Why do I love teaching families to prepare for birth and their babies?


I remember falling pregnant for the first time.

It felt exciting. It felt daunting. I began to question myself.

All within the first couple of minutes of that strip turning pink.

I almost felt a whole new sense of responsibility on my shoulders for the first time – a whole new human that not only I was responsible for but a human that I needed to bond with and birth too!

The shift in my mentality towards looking after myself for both me and my baby almost changed immediately – it sounds really weird but I really was in awe of my body for the first time, I respected it wholeheartedly.

And really… that’s why I started to explore how to prepare myself both physically and mentally for the birth of my baby.

And of course, that’s when I discovered hypnobirthing.. and the rest is history.

Hypnobirthing really gave me the focus and the tools to bring out that inner confidence that had been hidden within me for so long and when I really allowed myself to let go and birth on my own terms I knew that I had to share these incredible tools with the rest of the world.

Whilst of course, it helped me and my birth partner Craig feel a new sense of confidence when it came to birth – it helped changed my mindset on the world.

It helped me to in social situations where I was keen to make new mum friends, ones who I felt that I could really connect to and share the ins and outs of being a parent – not just the great bits or the bits where I compared myself and my baby to others.

Interestingly, when the pandemic started – I really wanted to be able to start exploring how mental health plays such a contributing factor during the early days in pregnancy through to parenthood – it became quite evident to me that being a parent meant different things to different people and really being able to lean into our instincts was something that still came with a lot of resistance for many people.

My passion for self development and being able to share what I’d learnt with parents made me start to see that it wasn’t just hypnobirthing or doula support that I wanted to support families with – it was finding our own voice, our own rhythm of being able to do what we feel is right for us and our babies.

And that’s why I do what I do – because I know how it feels to be in that place where your not sure what your wanting to do or say and through exploring beliefs about birth and parenthood – it helps us to really open up and discover who we really are and what matters most to us.

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