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Hypnobirthing Tips

18 December 2023

Which essential oils can I use in pregnancy and birth?


Essential oils are a really popular hypnobirthing anchor that can be used in all types of birth – here I will share some information about oils that are often used in pregnancy and birth.

In hypnobirthing, essential oils are often one of the most popular hypnobirthing anchors. Scent is such a powerful sense!

Using scent, particularly when listening to relaxations or practicing calm breathing can create a strong association of relaxation when smelling the scent later on in pregnancy and even birth itself.

Oils can be used in many ways, on pulse points, as pillow mist, a diffuser or oil burner. Some use in bath or just inhale from the bottle.

There are oils that aren’t safe in pregnancy, its worth seeking advice before using – those trained in aromatherapy tend to be best!

For further info – I highly recommend 10 Oils – Aromatherapy Oils for the Childbearing year by Nicola Goodall


A personal favourite – this was one of my biggest tools in Charlotte’s pregnancy and birth.

A few of its many benefits –

  • An antiseptic
  • Great for congestion in pregnancy
  • Supporting blood pressure along with other hypnobirthing techniques
  • Supports sleep
  • Postnatal healing
  • It can support with surges and the uterus therefore its often recommended not to use until the 2nd trimester


In Williams pregnancy, I loved citrus oils – lemon and orange were my favourite.

Here’s how lemon can support –

  • Can support with nausea
  • Its an antibacterial
  • A refreshing oil that supports clarity
  • A natural cold remedy
  • A natural boosting oil


A pretty famous oil given to mother after birth…

Here are a few of of the benefits –

  • It can support whilst practicing hypnobirthing relaxation tracks, helping the mind to relax
  • Great for increasing circulation and swollenness towards the end of pregnancy
  • A natural cold remedy
  • Its an antiseptic
  • Supports with anxiety during the day and when trying to sleep


Flowers are brilliant as oils aren’t they!

Here’s a few benefits to rose in pregnancy –

  • A great oil for anxiety
  • Its an anti inflammatory
  • An antiseptic
  • Supporting with sleep
  • Helpful at reduce nausea
  • A great oil for pregnant skin
  • Comforting


Often scent can be really powerful when it comes to memories and associations… this reminds me of a holiday in Thailand!

Here as a few facts –

  • A brilliant all for hypnobirthing relaxations
  • Its an aphrodisiac
  • Helpful for anxiety
  • Brilliant for creativity
  • Can be supportive during surges
  • Supports breastmilk production

Clary Sage

A famous oil for labour and birth.

Its recommended not to use this oil until 37 weeks of pregnancy (full term pregnancy).

Here are some benefits –

  • It can help relax spasms – supporting longer breaths
  • Can act as a muscle relaxant
  • Can support the body to fully to let go
  • Uplifting and supports overcoming anxiety

Using scent is one of the many hypnobirthing anchors that we explore as part of my courses, why not head over to the course page to find out further information about how I can support you to prepare for birth.

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