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17 February 2021

What can I do if my birth plan changes during pregnancy or labour?


How often is this something that goes through your mind? During pregnancy, feeling really passionate about a specific type of birth and then thinking the words.. What if? 

Early on in my pregnancy with Charlotte, I was really passionate about one specific type of birth.. A water birth. 

Yet I always had this niggle in the back of my mind thinking.. What if my plan needed to change? I just didn’t want to be disappointed if I couldn’t have that birth I knew I really wanted. 

I wanted to feel mentally prepared if things needed to change, protecting my mind was crucial to me.. The more I could protect my mind, the more confident I would feel… so I came up with a plan.. The what if’s plan, one that I would use to stay focused and positive, a plan that my hubby could refer back to and I would be confident that he would remember my givens – some form of optimal cord clamping, skin to skin as soon as possible and finding out the sex of our baby ourselves (best moment of my birth btw..!) 

When my waters broke just before 36 weeks, I felt that it might impact a few of my preferences which it did.. Yet I still felt really content and positive, I believed that my baby was ready, I trusted myself that I could do this.. And I knew that Craig and I were on the exact same page on how to help me feel safe and protected should I need intervention. 

One of the most important things that I teach in my sessions is around having a plan if things need to change.. We talk about what intervention actually is.. Sometimes why its used and how to listen to your gut when choosing what to do next.

We talk about elements of baby care so that you feel confident in what you absolutely want and we talk to our birth partners about creating a plan – a plan that is created and then left at the bottom of the bag and is only pulled of IF needed.

In a nutshell.. It’s one of my favourite affirmations, ‘I take control of what I can and I let go of what I can’t’. We continue to focus on that birth experience you want, focus on how you’re going to feel when you meet your baby for the first time.. All the time knowing that if it’s needed, you’ll feel confident and in control if your birth journey changes.

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