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23 May 2023

What do we cover on our hypnobirthing classes in Leeds?


Hypnobirthing is something that I recommend to everyone in pregnancy, whether its your first baby or your fifth baby. Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner the opportunity to understand not only how birth tends to work – it helps you to prepare a toolkit of techniques that help you to feel more in control during in labour.

Often, women and birthing people will look to start hypnobirthing in their second or third trimester to give time to explore not only hypnobirthing techniques, practice birth breathing but it also gives you the option to explore things in more detail if your still not sure what you feel is right for you.

Whether that be location of birth such as a hospital birth or a homebirth or if your wanting your baby to have skin to skin or vitamin k at birth.

The Happy Little Nest group face to face group hypnobirthing classes are a brilliant way to not only connect with other parents to be in Leeds, but they give you the opportunity to learn from other people and their experiences.

Group hypnobirthing classes in Leeds cover all elements of hypnobirthing such as breathing techniques, making informed choices for you and your baby, the birth journey and the birth partner role.

For further information – head to the antenatal section of The Happy Little Nest website to find out availability and when the next courses are due to take place or check out the what’s coming up bar below.

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