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Louise, First Time Mama – Leeds

I had a work colleague who found hypnobirthing transformative, calming and empowering I was never in any doubt that if I was blessed to be a mum then this was something for me. 

Laura is genuinely passionate and invested in her clients journey. She puts everyone at ease with her Yorkshire warmth and offers support beyond the class for any niggly  questions that might come up after the course.

I also approached Laura on a 1-2-1 level for postnatal and breast feeding support. In the end I needed an emergency c section and I found feeding really difficult for a week or so afterwards.

I really recommend investing in postnatal support before your baby is born as any information I received in those first few days after my daughters birth felt a bit lost with all the change in hormones. Having time to look into caring for my baby before she arrived was invaluable. 

As a high risk pregnancy I knew it was unlikely I would be able to follow my birth preferences.

Hypnobirthing helped me realise that even if this was unlikely, I could still advocate for myself and influence elements of the birth experience. Rather than dismiss my options and get drawn into all the medicalised jargon of consultants and specialists, that stuff was important but it fuelled my fears. Managing my mindset with this overwhelm of information was only possible with hypnobirthing.

Laura explained the labour process in a very a logical informative way. She balanced this information whilst explaining the emotional/ hormonal response to birth. 

You can never tell how any training will really help you in the moment but I can remember vividly, consciously reminding my self to find a moment of calm to breath for my baby, when in reality I felt quite stressed and scared. 

Louise – First Time Mama, Leeds