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I was initially thinking it wouldn’t be worth the cost and that it wouldn’t really show us anything new, we already had one baby after all. Eventually, I went into the course with an open mind, after being persuaded by my girlfriend to give it a go. Laura is really good at what she does and it is clear that she is a total hypnobirthing nerd. She believes in what she is saying and isn’t just doing it for the for the sake of it. She actively tries to improve her knowledge and goes out of her way to help you. I went into the course thinking that it would put my girlfriend’s mind at ease and anything else would be a bonus. I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come. The first birth didn’t go to plan, but we are confident that, with the knowledge we have gained, we can have a much less stressful birth, in our own home. We changed our minds from all the information given, as we were adamant that a home birth would never be an option. Have an open mind and give it a go. For the price of a few less fancy clothes it is definitely worth it!