What else can hypnobirthing techniques be used for?

A lot of people assume that hypnobirthing techniques can only be used for birth when in fact, a lot of the skills learnt can be very transferable. Here are a few ideas of how they can be used in other ways!

  • Positivity – Looking at the positives instead of the negatives not only in pregnancy but in every aspect of life can only have benefits, similar to mindfulness, hypnobirthing allows you to look at things constructively and in a mindful way
  • The B.R.A.I.N.S acronym – this is a brilliant tool in so many ways. When you are in a meeting, at another type of medical appointment or when you are needing to weigh things up before making a decision
  • Breathing – Breathing is such a vital part of so many different practices including hypnobirthing, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Taking a long deep breath can really help you to feel calm and collected, especially when you are feeling anxious. Here are a few of the ways I’ve suggested my clients use it!
  • Any type of medical appointment such as the dentist
  • Just before going into a meeting or a job interview
  • Whilst stuck in a traffic jam
  • Anxiety around phobias such as flying or spiders
  • Dealing with toddler tantrums!

These are just a few, are there any other ways you use your hypnobirthing breathing?