How to stay cool whilst pregnant in a heat wave

Summer time whilst pregnant isn’t always the most enjoyable time, we are already feeling warmer than normal and the added heat isn’t always what we need. I’ve put a few tips together on how to stay cool during the hot weather. If you have anymore, I’d love to hear them – just share in the comments below!

  • Drink plenty of water as well fluids that contain electrolytes such as coconut water which help to maintain energy
  • Use a cooling spray (compressed water in a can) as opposed to water in a spray bottle as it always remains cool. This can be bought from all good supermarkets and is normally found by the suncream!
  • Keep rooms shaded, blocking out the sun where you can
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and open toe shoes – wear flip flops as you can as your feet need as much air as possible
  • Eat little and often. Try eat foods that are rich in protein and with good water content. Nuts and seeds are brilliant snack to nibble on when you are on the go
  • Put moisturisers and creams in the fridge and use them to refresh your skin throughout the day
  • Stay in the shade if your outdoors
  • Put bottle of water in the freezer and take out when needed
  • Fill the freezer with ice lollies – Coconut Water ones are brilliant and super tasty!
  • Don’t overdo it and enjoy the sunshine!