Tip for Creating the Best Birth Environment

Your environment plays a huge part on your labour as it can either help or hinder that much need oxytocin that is needed during the birthing process

Not only can your environment affect you during birth but it also had an impact during pregnancy too.

Simple changes can make such a big difference and can be used in any sort of birthing environment including a cesarean section

  • Dim lighting to try and make the room cosier
  • Relaxing music or any music that makes you happy!
  • A picture from home which you can focus on and brings back lots of happy memories
  • Privacy – depending on the environment you may not be able to have full privacy but you can certainly ask to have a moment to focus if needed
  • Breathing – closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing has an incredible impact regardless of where you are as it helps you to come back to a calm state

I’d love to hear any others thay you have? I’d love to hear them, feel free to pop below in the comments.

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