Pregnant over Christmas? Here are some great tips for the Festive season for you and your baby bump!

Whilst pregnant, I found the Christmas period so different than I had to another year, people automatically assumed I would be happy to be designated driver, everyone would give me extra portions of food (not a bad perk!) and I didn’t have to help out with the turkey at my parent’s house.. another bonus if your like me and want to get your feet up and watch all the Christmas Day movies.

So here, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite tips for Christmas especially for when you are pregnant.

Enjoy it!

Christmas should be no different to any other year. Do things that make you happy, if you love all the Christmassy food – find some pregnancy friendly alternatives so that don’t feel like your missing out (I’m thinking cheese boards all the way)!

Take time out for yourself

Don’t try and push yourself if you feel like your wanting some space, leave the Christmas party early if you need to. It can be quite exhausting growing a human, socialising and standing on your feet for an evening – Don’t feel bad about leaving the party early, people get it. Your growing a human!

Get out in the fresh air

The crisp air and short walks are perfect over Christmas, are brilliant for helping your baby to get into optimal position and give you all the lovely endorphins from exercise.

Have a pyjama day

Have a day at home watching your favourite films, lots of snuggles and get the oxytocin flowing!

Plan ahead

Make plenty of time for yourself and plan out what self-care goals you are going to do over the next few months whilst you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Practice hypnobirthing techniques

This is such a brilliant time to start a hypnobirthing practice, darker colder nights and often a little bit more time off work can really help you to get into a brilliant routine.

Remember how incredible next Christmas will be!

Having a baby at Christmas has always been one of the most special moments as a parent. Being able to pop a carrot on a plate and a glass of milk for Santa for the very first time.. oh its just so magical!