How to adapt a hospital room for the birth of your baby

There are many different reasons as to why you may want a hospital birth and many reasons why you might not, either way – it’s up to you. Hypnobirthing is all about making the decision that works best for you.

Either way, birth has twists and turns and there are sometimes those times where a hospital birth may be the best option for you and your baby.

How can we change a hospital room to make it have a more homely feel?

Although many hospitals are investing money and time into improving their facilities, traditional labour wards tend to be slightly more clinical than a birth center or your own home. There are plenty of ways that you can change and adapt the space to make it feel more like yours, after all – this is your birthing zone and it needs to feel right for you!

  • Turn off the lights and put up fairy lights or battery-powered candles – this way, you don’t have to look at the room around you and it has a much cosier feel
  • Ask people to knock and talk in quiet voices if they need to come into the room – This will really help you to remain in your birthing zone, if you have a birth partner, ask them to become the gatekeeper!
  • Invest in your favourite scent or essential oil – Use a room spray or diffuser to make the room feel a little more luxurious – Lavender or wild orange are both great scents for pregnancy and birth!
  • Move the bed to one side of the room – At the end of the day, we go to the hospital to give birth because that’s where the majority of health professionals are based, it doesn’t mean that you need to lay in the bed and act like a patient! If you can, work with your body in active birth positions to help bring your baby down. Throw all the bags on the bed or use it as a prop!
  • Stick up pictures and affirmations so that you’ve got a reminder of home. Every time you look at pictures of happy memories, you will feel safe and will find it easier to focus on your labour.
  • Bring in a few home comforts or your birth ball to help you feel more comfortable

Are there any more things that you would suggest to take with you to adapt a hospital room to give birth? Write them below in the comments!

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