How can hypnobirthing help with the fear of pain in childbirth?

Is this something that keeps going round in your head? ⠀

It’s definitely something that I thought about A LOT when I fell pregnant.. for many years before too to be honest.

If this is something that worries you, I know how it feels. Family and friends trying to be helpful, yet scaring you and telling you that birth was one of the most painful experiences of their lives. Feeling like you can’t turn off the birth programmes – it’s a way of getting prepared right?! Even watching your favourite tv shows, all the mamas are clearly in pain giving birth – it’s just something to endure to get the baby you so desperately want.⠀

Over time, the idea of the pain build-up to the point where you feel like you won’t be able to cope. But I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t need to be that way.⠀

Most of the pain that women feel in labour is down to tension building up in the body. If you think about it, when your muscles are really tense it makes it really hard for them to work – you need to be the complete opposite, yes, relaxed – in labour!⠀

That way, your muscles can work properly meaning that your working with your contractions instead of against them. ⠀

If you think about a time where you’ve been in pain – it’s worse if you focus on it, isn’t it? So that’s what we have to do, come up with things to focus on.⠀

This is what we do in a hypnobirthing class, work out where the pain comes from and how to create techniques FOR YOU on how to stay focused and in control. Sound good?

I’m on zoom and running private and group classes, drop me a line if you are interested or book onto one of my free hypnobirthing taster sessions. You can have a good birth ?

How did I end up becoming a hypnobirthing teacher after years of fearing birth?

So how did a woman who was absolutely petrified of pregnancy & birth go on to become a hypnobirthing teacher?⠀

Well, the answer is simple really.. I did hypnobirthing and it changed my life.⠀

For those of you who might be new around here, I’m Laura. I’m a 32-year-old mama to Charlotte, I’m from Leeds & a proud Yorkshire mama ?⠀

I’m the LAST person on earth who thought I would become a hypnobirthing teacher. Before being pregnant I couldn’t even say the word vagina without getting shy.. since being a kid I have been terrified of doctors, taking days off work for blood tests because I needed some time to mentally prepare myself.⠀

When I first became pregnant I suffered a lot of pains that doctors initially diagnosed as IBS, after collapsing on the floor in A & E after a blood test a scan revealed I had a 9cm cyst on my ovary – the only way I could focus was by focusing my mind & breathing as well as I could. I knew there was something to be said for focusing your mind. ⠀

When I announced my pregnancy, I was UNWINGLY told a birth story that scared me so much that I feared birth in a way no woman should fear it… my protective instincts had already kicked in & I knew that the way I was feeling DEFINITELY wasn’t helping my baby. That’s when hypnobirthing came along.⠀

By my third trimester, I was a changed woman. I had the confidence to say what I needed, I was excited about Charlotte’s birth & I was determined to prove everyone wrong who thought I couldn’t do it – those people who kept telling me to go with the flow & do as I was told.⠀

With Charlotte’s birth, my waters went before 36 weeks, I was transferred from one hospital to another via ambulance WITHOUT Craig & I had a little tear which resulted in stitches. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that none of these things bothered me, it was ALL thanks to hypnobirthing.⠀

I’ve recently started doing videos on my Facebook and Instagram pages, if you’re not already following me – check them, they are a great way to get more tips about hypnobirthing and get to know me a bit better too!

I’m currently running all of my hypnobirthing classes online via zoom with me offering private classes and group classes. The next online group hypnobirthing class is due to start in July – if your interested in booking go to the course page!

This is a great way to meet other parents to be and particularly if you’re looking for an antenatal class in Leeds or the Yorkshire way – this class is great! That said, you are MORE than welcome to join even if your not local to Yorkshire, that’s one of the benefits of taking the classes online!

My classes will take you from feeling anxious & unprepared to feeling like your superwoman ??