Tips for having a Positive Cesarean Birth

It’s National Ceaearean Month and I thought that I would share some tips with you on how to have a positive c-section birth experience, its something that comes up in conversation with so many of the mamas that I work with. You can absolutely still take control in so many different ways in a cesarean birth and have that positive birth experience!

Here are a few tips on how to have a positive cesearean birth experience.

  • Plan ahead, speak with your birth partner and let them know what your wishes are should you have a c-section in order for them to be able to support you
  • Prepare some music that you would like to take into the theatre with you, some hospitals have speakers and can play this for you or you could listen to on headphones!
  • Have a look at Gentle C Sections, these are where your baby is born slowly and almost replicates going through the birth canal, flushing out any amniotic fluid and the baby being born more gently
  • Ask for the electrodes to be put on your back so that you can have lovely skin to skin with your baby without the worry of any wires! Birth partners can also do skin to skin at this time too!
  • Optimal Cord Clamping – This can still be done in a c-section with the blood in your baby’s cord passing through to your baby after they have been born!
  • Take a hanky with your favourite scent into the theatre with you, this will help to remind you of your happy place
  • Use birthing breathing, this will help you to feel calm and relaxed throughout the birth of your baby

Did you have a cesarean to give birth to your baby? What sorts of things did you use to focus your mind during the birth – please share in the comments so that other mamas to be can see!

Did you know that hypnobirthing is to help support during cesarean births? That’s what I love about hypnobirthing, it is so adaptable and about planning for every type of birth. Our needs and wishes need to be supported when it comes to us birthing our babies and my classes are there to help support you with making decisions on what is important to you.