How to stay cool whilst pregnant in a heat wave

Summer time whilst pregnant isn’t always the most enjoyable time, we are already feeling warmer than normal and the added heat isn’t always what we need. I’ve put a few tips together on how to stay cool during the hot weather. If you have anymore, I’d love to hear them – just share in the comments below!

  • Drink plenty of water as well fluids that contain electrolytes such as coconut water which help to maintain energy
  • Use a cooling spray (compressed water in a can) as opposed to water in a spray bottle as it always remains cool. This can be bought from all good supermarkets and is normally found by the suncream!
  • Keep rooms shaded, blocking out the sun where you can
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and open toe shoes – wear flip flops as you can as your feet need as much air as possible
  • Eat little and often. Try eat foods that are rich in protein and with good water content. Nuts and seeds are brilliant snack to nibble on when you are on the go
  • Put moisturisers and creams in the fridge and use them to refresh your skin throughout the day
  • Stay in the shade if your outdoors
  • Put bottle of water in the freezer and take out when needed
  • Fill the freezer with ice lollies – Coconut Water ones are brilliant and super tasty!
  • Don’t overdo it and enjoy the sunshine!

How Hypnobirthing Changed My Life

Moments after Charlotte was born

Ever since launching The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School I wanted to share some background as to why I feel so passionate about hypnobirthing.

Prior to becoming pregnant the anxieties that I felt towards anything medical were very high. I would need to take a day off work for a blood test and work myself up to it the entire time it was in the diary as I was just so nervous. I used to shake in the doctors surgery, sweaty palms and quick breaths before I went into the meet the doctor. Whenever I had to go to the dentist, it was written in my notes how nervous I became and I used to have the nurse hold my hand.

Anxiety around medical appointments and pregnancy is something that I have suffered with since a young age and I became older, my fear around having a baby grew, yet, I knew it was something I wanted to do. It was a bit of an ongoing joke with family and friends that I was going to have to ‘toughen up’ if I was ever going to have a baby.

When I became pregnant, I knew that I needed to do something big about my anxieties for the sake of my family. I had visions of being restrained during the whole birthing process, I had even worse visions too. I knew that I needed to do something drastic to get myself to a place where I was more confident about giving birth. My overwhelming instinct to protect my baby was already taking over, she was my world and giving her a calm start in life was what she deserved.

Shortly after becoming pregnant I heard a birth story which resulted in me having a panic attack, everything about the story scared me in the worst possible way and my fear almost became irrational. I managed to stay composed throughout the evening but as soon as we got in the car to go home I broke down and begged my husband to protect me from what was going to happen when I gave birth. I was genuinely terrified and could barely keep it together. At this point, I decided to be honest and mention my anxieties to my midwife who referred me to an obstetrician who then monitored me for several months. From then on, I was asked how I was getting on at every appointment. It helped massively.

My husband Craig came with me to every antenatal appointment bare one where my sister came with me for moral support. Yet, towards the end of my pregnancy I felt so much more confident through using my hypnobirthing techniques that I felt that I could go on my own – this was such an achievement in itself for me.

I did a variety of different courses whilst pregnant, I read everything about birth I could find, I attended NCT classes, regularly went to the chiropractor and pregnancy massage, watched birthing videos and did pregnancy pilates. Every tiny little bit of information about birth that I understood, my confidence grew. Hypnobirthing was more than the icing on the cake for me as I listened to hypnosis tracks, used breathing techniques and visualisations to stay focused. I began to find appointments with the midwife much easier and was even able to have a blood test without having to lie down for long afterwards.

Hypnobirthing meant that I began to believe in myself and become excited about giving birth and it was because I now understood how my body worked and why certain things happened, I was mentally prepared for what ever type of birth I ended up having. I was able to listen to other birth stories and take them on board without a slight flinch and ask myself if I could have done something differently – would I?

When my waters went at just over 35 weeks, there was no panic despite Charlotte being classed as an early baby. I remained calm at the hospital and I even managed to send Craig home to get rest when I was admitted for monitoring (my contractions didn’t start for almost 24 hours after my waters broke). I was transferred via a blue lighted ambulance due to the hospital being full and still, I was happy and calm. practicing my breathing and just going with the flow and it was all because I felt like I was in control.

I’ve written my full birth story which I will share on the blog shortly, all I will say is that I was so proud of myself after Charlotte was born and it was all down to the fact that I had fully invested in hypnobirthing. I was delighted to become a mother but I’ll be honest, doing what I did was just a prouder moment for me as I had tackled my phobias and become a much more confident person in the process.

During my pregnancy, the rapid changes that I felt within myself made me realise that hypnobirthing might be my calling and when I saw myself transform, that’s when I decided to study with KG Hypnobirthing. I’m very proud to be able to call myself a birth worker and will forever be grateful for the changes hypnobirthing has made to my life.

If you have any questions about hypnobirthing or our courses, please get in touch. Our main aim is to help people to have a positive pregnancy and birth because it is so important. It can be life changing! It is the self care that every parent should invest in for their birth of their baby.