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Client reviews

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for all the information and support and guidance you gave for our birth…I genuinely don’t know what head space I’d have been in without it and it made my experience so much more manageable.

Was so happy I got to labour and birth at home and have amazing memories from that. 

Giving birth is just magical, hard to describe how amazing it is!

Chloe, 1st Time Mama - Homebirth

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed today and that we found it incredibly useful, thank you so much!

Rebecca, 1st Time Mama - Baildon

We both absolutely loved the course and got a lot from it! 

We also really appreciate you being so helpful, understanding and easy to talk to. 

I’m really looking forward to this last part of pregnancy and working on my toolkit for the big day.

Once again, an amazing course and we are so glad we did it! 

Chloe, 1st Time Mama - Birstall

I had a work colleague who found hypnobirthing transformative, calming and empowering I was never in any doubt that if I was blessed to be a mum then this was something for me. 

Laura is genuinely passionate and invested in her clients journey. She puts everyone at ease with her Yorkshire warmth and offers support beyond the class for any niggly  questions that might come up after the course.

I also approached Laura on a 1-2-1 level for postnatal and breast feeding support. In the end I needed an emergency c section and I found feeding really difficult for a week or so afterwards.

I really recommend investing in postnatal support before your baby is born as any information I received in those first few days after my daughters birth felt a bit lost with all the change in hormones. Having time to look into caring for my baby before she arrived was invaluable. 

As a high risk pregnancy I knew it was unlikely I would be able to follow my birth preferences.

Hypnobirthing helped me realise that even if this was unlikely, I could still advocate for myself and influence elements of the birth experience. Rather than dismiss my options and get drawn into all the medicalised jargon of consultants and specialists, that stuff was important but it fuelled my fears. Managing my mindset with this overwhelm of information was only possible with hypnobirthing.

Laura explained the labour process in a very a logical informative way. She balanced this information whilst explaining the emotional/ hormonal response to birth. 

You can never tell how any training will really help you in the moment but I can remember vividly, consciously reminding my self to find a moment of calm to breath for my baby, when in reality I felt quite stressed and scared. 

Louise – First Time Mama, Leeds

Thank you so much again for such a detailed and empowering refresher course. I channelled everything you taught us, had the positive affirmations playing throughout labour and really trusted my body to do what it needed to do from the first contraction until she arrived and it was such an intense and wonderful experience. I really wish I could have bottled the whole journey as it was such a positive one!

Your energy and passion around everything antenatal, birth and postnatal was infectious and we feel very glad that we chose you to guide us through our hypnobirthing refresher course and are very grateful for the birth experience you helped us have.

Huge thanks again, you really were so friendly, encouraging and empowering!

We welcomed our 3rd baby girl after a quick, intervention free labour which was everything I had wanted. She was almost 2 weeks ‘overdue’ but I declined stretch & sweeps and the booking in of an induction as after our session with you, I trusted in my body that she’d arrive when she was ready and she did, calmly in the water just as I had really hoped for.

Thank you so much again for such a detailed and empowering refresher course. I channelled everything you taught us, had the positive affirmations playing throughout labour and really trusted my body to do what it needed to do from the first contraction until she arrived and it was such an intense and wonderful experience. I really wish I could have bottled the whole journey as it was such a positive one!

Your energy and passion around everything antenatal, birth and postnatal was infectious and we feel very glad that we chose you to guide us through our hypnobirthing refresher course and are very grateful for the birth experience you helped us have.

Huge thanks again, you really were so friendly, encouraging and empowering!

Nikita, 3rd time Mama - Guiseley, Leeds

After a very difficult first labour, we came to Laura when we found out we were expecting again. I was absolutely terrified of the same happening again and I have to admit that I was a little sceptical as to whether hypnobirthing would help. I couldn’t see how my first labour could have gone differently. How wrong I was! Hypnobirthing is much much more than I expected and Laura’s knowledge is remarkable. I have learned so much about my body and how the labour process works (even though I had already been through it!), how vital it is to keep calm and relaxed throughout the birth, and, more importantly, the skills that I need to stay calm and relaxed. I have gone from being petrified of labour to looking forward to bringing my baby into the world in my own home, with the people that I love. I only wish that I had done hypnobirthing in my first pregnancy. I would urge anybody that is expecting to give hypnobirthing a try, it gives you a whole new perspective and takes all of the fear and anxiety out of giving birth. I can absolutely see why Laura is so enthusiastic and passionate about hypnobirthing, it really is life changing.

Stacey Rowlands

I would highly recommend Laura at the Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School for anyone who is looking for a positive birth experience. After struggling with high anxiety, pregnancy was something which left me worrying and anxious at stages in my pregnancy and I had a lot of worries for labour and childbirth. Laura was very knowledgeable and positive throughout our sessions and provided myself and my partner with lots of tools and strategies to help with relaxation techniques. My partner also enjoyed the experience as it has given him a more active role he can play whilst in labour, and it has helped us to work more as a team. I feel a lot more positive about my labour now and feel we have been given the sufficient knowledge to prepare us for our journey ahead. Thank you Laura 😄

Lisa Wrigglesworth

We decided to try hypnobirthing after hearing a lot of positive experiences from mums who have had every type of birth. After being induced with my first child, I’m hoping for a less medicalised birth this time. I found the course really informative and helpful in terms of the choices we have when in labour. My partner also found it really useful to not only understand the process of labour but also what his role in birth is which is something he struggled with our first. We both finished the course feeling more informed, empowered and excited about our upcoming birth. I’d recommend the Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School to every pregnant mama – whether it’s your first or fifth you’re guaranteed to leave the course with a brand new perspective on birth!

Amy Brown

I was initially thinking it wouldn’t be worth the cost and that it wouldn’t really show us anything new, we already had one baby after all. Eventually, I went into the course with an open mind, after being persuaded by my girlfriend to give it a go. Laura is really good at what she does and it is clear that she is a total hypnobirthing nerd. She believes in what she is saying and isn’t just doing it for the for the sake of it. She actively tries to improve her knowledge and goes out of her way to help you. I went into the course thinking that it would put my girlfriend’s mind at ease and anything else would be a bonus. I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come. The first birth didn’t go to plan, but we are confident that, with the knowledge we have gained, we can have a much less stressful birth, in our own home. We changed our minds from all the information given, as we were adamant that a home birth would never be an option. Have an open mind and give it a go. For the price of a few less fancy clothes it is definitely worth it!


Both my partner and I really enjoyed our Hypnobirthing classes and can’t recommend Laura enough! We learnt so much about what happens during labour and the decisions we can make, and feel far more confident as a result for the birth of our baby. I would 100% recommend Laura’s classes to anyone having a baby!

Sophie Johnson

I didnt have the best experience with my midwife and consequently developed severe anxiety around labour. Laura’s classes really helped me to understand the birthing process and what to expect so I could have a calm birthing experience. The small class sizes allowed people to talk about their own fears and how to overcome them. Laura is so passionate about her clients and offers genuine support. I couldn’t recommended Lauras classes enough.

Elizabeth Blakemore

Being pregnant with my first baby, I was reading lots of different books, and speaking to friends / family about their birth experiences.

However, I can truly say that nothing has helped me and my partner feel more prepared and actually looking forward to the birth of our baby daughter than Laura, and her private hypnobirthing mini class that we opted for.

Laura is so down to earth, makes you feel very at ease and able to ask any question at all. The mix of both the science behind hypnobirthing and the practical elements of the class brought everything together – and it was lovely how personable Laura was touching on her own birth story.

It was great to be able to have the private mini class at our own home too as that’s where I feel most comfortable.

Thank you so much Laura – Would highly recommend to anyone, and definitely not just for mums to be, the birthing partner role is a really important part and my boyfriend took a lot from the class!


Georgina Thickett

Put quite simply, you couldn’t be in better hands. Laura has clearly found her calling and is not just incredibly knowledgeable and personable, she leaves you (and your birthing partner if you have nominated one) feeling empowered to face whatever your birth experience throws at you.

We now know my birth choices and we are not scared to question the professionals about their recommendations for mine and my baby’s care. In fact, Laura has given us extra information so we now know to ask for certain things we wouldn’t have thought of.

Laura also provides support after you attend her course. I have been in touch about a couple of things and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will go away and find out what she can. I really can’t express how much her ongoing support is appreciated.

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone – the books are very good and have their place but doing the course gives you everything you need.

Julie Ferguson

If you are looking for a hypnobirthing practitioner who will offer you expert guidance through your pregnancy and the empowerment and support to have the birth that you want, you have found her! I attended Laura’s course for CPD to enhance my training as a doula. The course is excellent -informative, clear, dynamic and interactive. Laura is a fantastic teacher and has such a warm personality that you will feel both inspired and nurtured. Look no further! Thank you Laura, you have taught me so much and I know you will have a positive impact on every birth that you support.

Josephine Williams

Preparing for our second birth, after our first with our daughter went less than smoothly. I feel more tooled up and ready this time round and am excited to go again. Really recommend Laura – calming and reassuring. Accommodating whenever possible.

Rooted Together

My partner and I recently completed a hypnobirthing course with Laura, which has been a fantastic experience to help prepare us for the birth of our baby. Not only does Laura have a wealth of knowledge about the whole birth process, which taught us so much about what we can expect, but she has such a positive attitude that calms any of your previous worries. Before starting this course the first word I thought of in association with birth was pain and now as we approach our due date I am no longer fearful. I can’t wait to give birth and meet our baby and welcome them into the world. Laura shared with us some brilliant visualisation audio files which are great for helping me to relax and focus on my breathing. I genuinely feel ready to give birth with confidence knowing that I will trust my body. Thank you Laura!

Georgie Abbot

It’s taken me a while to get started with this review because I really wanted to make it completely clear how incredibly and amazingly invaluable our course with Laura has been. It’s genuinely hard to put into words. Laura’s knowledge, passion, empathy and kindness are absolutely second to none. It radiates from her and I can guarantee you will feel so empowered and cared for after working with her. I feel like I can approach my birth (whatever situation may arise) with knowledge and understanding of the process, leaving me calm and happy that I know which elements I can control in every potential situation, even if it doesn’t end up being my ‘ideal’. The coping mechanisms I am armed with now and the knowledge my husband has as we approach this new and unknown situation is also so calming. From my husband’s perspective, he now has a totally vital role where he may otherwise have felt redundant. He can advocate for me and he understands what will happen. I honestly cannot recommend Laura enough. If you have any doubt at all about whether hypnobirthing or The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School are for you, I can assure you that there will be no better courses available and no person you could rely on more to help you on your birthing journey. Just do it!!

Dale Draper

Thank you Laura for delivering such a wonderful course. We both came away feeling so much calmer, reassured and knowledgeable about the birth of our 1st baby. We can’t thank you enough. My partner had no idea what to expect from the course, but he’s come away prepared and relaxed about everything. He’s even used so many of your quotes and snippets of information since, you’ve had such a profound effect on us both. Thank you again ❤️

Tierney Duffield

Laura’s hypnobirthing sessions have been really useful leading up to the birth of our first baby. As someone who works in a hospital she has really helped me de-medicalise birth and see how more natural, relaxing and familiar environments can aid and progress labour. Through the sessions I have also learnt about myself and why I have certain birth preferences and how to manage this if things don’t go entirely to plan. I am now looking forward to the birth of our baby and feel well equipped for the labour. My partner also now knows/understands my preferences which will be invaluable when the time comes! Thank you Laura 🙂

Ella Billson

Thank you so much Laura for our fantastic one-to-one hypnobirthing session. It made a huge difference in how I am feeling about my upcoming birth, and equipped us both with lots of helpful, practical tools to advocate for our choices and face the whole process with more confidence. Laura was so friendly, approachable and practical – I was a bit sceptical that it might all be a bit “hippyish” (!!) but Laura was clearly really well informed, and the whole approach is science and evidence based. It was so good to have a safe space to talk through our concerns. I have been dropping off to sleep with my MP3s most nights and am genuinely (dare I say it!) looking forward to giving birth. Thank you Laura 🙂 x

Tessa Johnson

I booked a refresher class with Laura before the birth of my second baby. I can’t recommend her enough, she made both me and my husband confident in our birth decisions and was always there at the end of the phone for a chat. You can tell how much she genuinely loves her job and is so friendly and approachable. Thank you Laura for such a informative and positive experience!

Sarah Stainton

Laura gave us just what we needed: confidence as well as tips and tricks for labour. We hired her for a private mini course for my partner and I and it gave us a great platform to discuss what we both wanted from birth and gave us a plan. Thank you Laura for your help.


Wow, what can I say. Laura is incredible. We were very nervous about the birth process, and despite doing NCT and listening to hypnobirthing books and recordings we still didn’t feel prepared for the birth. Laura has transformed our feelings and now we are really prepared and excited. We’re actually looking forward to the experience and feel no matter how things progress and circumstance change we have a plan of action, leaving us feeling confident and ready to meet our little one. Thank you Laura, you have given us an invaluable gift and we can’t wait to experience birth and the arrival of our baby.

Ella Sykes

I can’t stress enough just how game-changing my time with Laura was!! As a first-time Mum with a history of crippling medical phobias, I was too anxious to even pick up a book on the subject of birth and felt completely lost on how to move forwards. I’ve now finished a private course with Laura feeling informed, inspired and empowered! Laura has helped me to develop genuine confidence on my journey to parenthood and for that I am so incredibly grateful. If you’re considering whether hypnobirthing is for you, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Laura for a chat – I’m so glad I did!

Chloe Sykes

Just finished my hypnobirthing course with Laura couldn’t recommend her enough.

She has a very relaxing and personal approach and felt we could ask anything.

Her excitement and enthusiasm shines through her work.

We feel as a couple much more prepared and comfortable for the birth it’s also really helped my husbands understanding on just how important he is as a birthing partner also.

Thankyou Laura xxx

Jenner Lander

Really great and informative classes, would highly recommend.

Fiona Norcliffe

Laura was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. After I watched the video on her website about her own journey, I knew she would be a good fit for me.

Laura is very relatable and is really down to earth which was an important factor for me. I wanted to find someone who I could be myself around and ask as many silly questions as I wanted without worrying how I would come across.

After completing a course with Laura, I now feel much more confident around birth and I can honestly say I am looking forward to it!

Although the course has now been completed, Laura has made it really clear that if I have any worries or concerns about anything then I just need to pick the phone up and she will be there for me.

Thank you Laura for all your help, see you on the other side!

Helen Park

Laura has been fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The whole process of giving birth seems so much easier now. We are so much more confident about the whole journey. She has given us the knowledge and confidence that we didn’t have. Would definitely highly recommend. Thank you so much Laura!

Iwona Binks

Laura was such a fantastic support throughout my pregnancy. I found her Instagram page content extremely helpful and when I had concerns upon finding out my baby was breech, she explained how it was just a variation of normal and suggested an essential breech babies podcast to listen to aswell. Her calm birthing techniques and friendly, supportive and encouraging messages helped me get prepared to meet my baby BIGTIME!

Thank you Laura for all you do, I’ll never forget it. ❤

Cherrie Lee Mewis

Taking part in Laura’s classes has taken me from being anxious about birth to feeling confident, prepared and even excited! I feel very well informed heading towards the birth and as though I know all of my options for tackling a stretched healthcare system where one size doesn’t fit all. Laura is compassionate, friendly and full of knowledge and I can’t recommend her classes enough. The class has also been great for my birth partner who feels prepared with a list of ways to support me to have the birth I want.

Simone Hoggart

Would absolutely recommend doing a course with Laura to any mums to be. I was terrified of hospitals and Laura really thought about the ways we could make hypnobirthing work for me and my fears. I went in to labour calmly and feeling in control, even when the birth didn’t go to plan I felt in control. Laura is so knowledgeable about hypnobirthing and all things birth!

Laura Hope

We had 1-2-1 sessions with Laura and cannot recommend enough. She is so passionate about hypnobirthing which really comes across in the way she delivers her courses along with a wealth of knowledge.

Laura opened our eyes to different options for birth and gave us a great toolkit for personalising how we wanted our experience to be. We asked lots of questions and Laura was so patient and took the time to answer them all in depth.

Our baby’s birth was not as we had hoped/ planned but Laura’s sessions gave us the confidence to make decisions for ourselves and especially beneficial for my husband who was able to be my voice and challenge doctors suggestions at times.

Thank you Laura!


My partner and I were adviced to try hyponobirthing by our sister in law. We were not sure what to expect but as first time parents but we thought there was no harm in trying. We are SOOO glad we did. The sessions were so so enjoyable. Laura was SUPER welcoming and friendly and we were lucky to get a fantastic couple to attend the sessions with. We looked forward to the session and knew it was a safe space to ask any question or share any concern. We have come away with bundles of information and feel as prepared as we can. We know that Laura is there for anything we need up until and after the birth and that is a very reassuring thought. I highly recommend these sessions, they are worth every penny!!!!

Lucy Hirst

Laura gave us the time and space to really reflect and plan ahead for the birth of our second child. Her kind, honest and humourous nature makes her the perfect person to deliver this course! The extras ,including audio files and most importantly a goodie bag with chocolate, were a very welcome added bonus!

Thank you Laura, we will be forever grateful xx

Jennifer Wood

I will always be grateful that Laura was recommended to us when we decided we wanted to do hypnobirthing.

Due to a complicated pregnancy, I was in and out of hospital during the time we had our sessions booked in with Laura. But she did everything she could to work around these obstacles so that we could have all the information we needed to try and get the most out of the course, and hopefully have the tools to make the birth and anytime I had to spend in hospital as relaxing as we could possibly make it.

She was always there to support us in anyway she could at what was a very traumatic time. Even though she was heavily pregnant herself at the time!

I honestly couldn’t have wished to have (virtually) met a lovelier person.

You really won’t be disappointed if you choose Laura on your hypnobirthing journey x

We signed up for the Zoom group classes with Laura in 2020 during lockdown. Laura was informative and knowledgeable and above all, extremely personable. She is so easy to get on with it made it easy to ask her all the questions that seemed silly both during and also after the course had finished. I used many of the techniques in the lead up to birth with midwife appointments which allowed me to have constructive conversations and feel in control, and during the birth it allowed me to feel respected and listened to. I feel my birth experience would have been very different if I had not taken the course, so thank you Laura!! 🥰

sonia kaur, Review left on Google

I initially got in touch with Laura as I was keen to learn more about hypnobirthing. I had done some of my own research but felt I needed an expert and Laura certainly knows her stuff.
I was also not confident in my decision for who I wanted as my birth partner and knew both my mum and partner would benefit from the knowledge of hypnobirth. We had private sessions and because of Laura’s knowledge and passion this has now brought much needed confidence to my partner and he is now fully on board for us to go through this incredible birth experience together.
Laura is a breath of fresh air. I love her passion and is such a warm hearted person. She made the whole course enjoyable and at the same time extremely informative.
I feel very positive about my birth journey ahead thanks to Laura and feel I have support from Laura leading up to the birth and post birth which also brings comfort.
I would honestly recommend Laura to anyone and everyone. Hypnobirthing needs more of a platform for sure!

Michelle Houman, Review left on Google

I can’t recommend Laura highly enough. After 3 online private sessions I feel so much more confident and relaxed as I head towards the birth of my baby. Laura provided in depth information about the stages of birth, the various different scenarios and how to manage them in a positive way. I will definitely be using the hypnobirthing techniques I have been shown and am now looking forward to the day rather than dreading it.

Rebecca Hughes, Review left on Google

Laura has been amazing at helping us prepare for the birth of our first child. After feeling incredibly anxious, I am now going into labour with a positive mindset. She has provided a breath of different strategies which we can use, and we now feel very well informed and much more confident about the whole experience. Our hypnobirthing toolkit is bursting at the seams!! I would highly recommended her classes! Thank you for all of your help Laura!

Charlotte Benbow, Review left on Google

Taking part in Laura’s classes has taken me from being anxious about birth to feeling confident, prepared and even excited! I feel very well informed heading towards the birth and as though I know all of my options for tackling a stretched healthcare system where one size doesn’t fit all. Laura is compassionate, friendly and full of knowledge and I can’t recommend her classes enough. The class has also been great for my birth partner who feels prepared with a list of ways to support me to have the birth I want.

Simone Hoggart, Review left on Google

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