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9 July 2023

What are my top 5 tips for birth partners in pregnancy and birth?


Being a birth partner is such an exciting time, supporting your partner, family member or friend during pregnancy and birth feels like a huge deal!

So what are the best things to support someone as a birth partner? Whether its through using hypnobirthing to support or being that person who helps with a variety of things in labour – there’s loads that you can do!

Here are my top 5 –

Understand what an impact our environment can have on us during labour

Hypnobirthing is a great place to really understand how our environment can play a significant impact on us during labour, as a birth partner – you are able to support by protecting the environment, helping it to feel calm and safe.

This is really important to help fuel the birthing hormones!

Eye contact, gentle touch and words of encouragement

Just being there for your partner, stroking their arm, holding their shoulders or even using a lot of eye contact can really help your partner to feel safe – particularly during active labour and transition (the part of labour where we often see mums start to doubt themselves in labour).

Learn all the birth preferences and what they actually mean

Birth preferences are a really tool, during labour its really difficult to chat and focus on anything apart from birthing your baby. That’s why as a birth partner – these are a really great way for you to be your partners advocate – so really get clued up on your partner’s wishes and what they want both from you, medical professionals and the birth itself!

If your partner is using hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for birth – really understand what they are

I’ve worked with a lot of people over the last 4.5 years and often birth partners are a little bit sceptical about hypnobirthing to start with.. within the first 10 minutes of a course, I’m able to help birth partners to really see that actually.. hypnobirthing is very logical and science based.

The reason why hypnobirthing techniques exist is to help people to take control and protect their mental health and body autonomy so being able to get on board with them can really make a huge difference to your partner being able to let go and feel safe throughout the birth of your baby.

Stay calm and trust your partners birthing instincts

Birthing instincts are incredibly strong and your partner is able to listen to their body and really understand what is needed in that particular moment – absolutely on the odd occasion, we may be needed to help take control (especially when women / birthers are getting tired in labour) yet most of the time its really important that we remember that they know what is right for them and your baby.

Let go, have faith and trust in them completely.

I’d love to hear how you put these tips into practice, why not share on social media and tag The Happy Little Nest or alternatively, if you’d like to learn more – have a look at my hypnobirthing and antenatal courses in and around Leeds and online.

Oxytocin vibes,


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