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Birth stories
Birth story

20 March 2024

Lilys Homebirth – Nicola, 2nd Time Mama


Read all about Nicolas incredible homebirth and how she used her hypnobirthing toolkit to stayed focused and in her zone during the birth of her 2nd baby.

Lily Raine was born on Friday morning after the most amazing home birth. 

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for enabling me to have the most amazing birth, quickly and easily at home with no drugs or intervention needed at all. 

I knew I was going into labour on Thursday night so We set up all my tools and anchors, Put the tens machine on, I sat on a birthing ball and simply breathed her out – no pushing required! The midwives arrived about 5:30 after we called them and I was already 9cm dilated so all that was left for them to do was catch her when she came out.

There were problems with the home birth kit with 3 taxi’s having to be called with drugs and kit still missing. They weren’t being particularly quiet about it but I was so in the zone it didn’t matter. I could hear them commenting on how calm and relaxed I was which just spurred me on. 
I still keep getting flashbacks of how easy the whole experience was and pinching myself to see if it was real, a whole different experience to last time. 

You were so helpful in letting me run through what I needed to understand better, which areas to practice and why and the importance for Richard’s role which made the difference from my last birth to 7 hours of breathing totally in control so thank you again. 

I will be highly recommending you to any of my friends that may get pregnant in the future. 

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