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Is hypnobirthing right for me?

Yes! Hypnobirthing really is a worthwhile tool for every single type of birth – its something that I really believe and am passionate about getting across to as many couples as possible.


Absolutely, it’s important to strive for the type of birth that you want, yet, I feel it’s important to ensure you prepare hypnobirthing tools to use in any environment and any eventuality.

It’s about having a positive birth experience in any scenario, helping you to feel empowered about your birth choices as well as providing you with some techniques in order for you to stay calm and focused throughout your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Have a read of the frequently asked questions and reach out if you’d like to have a chat at any time.

If your looking for hypnobirthing and antenatal courses in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford or the wider Yorkshire area – reach out and lets chat about how I can support you to prepare confidently for the birth of your baby.


This is my first baby – will hypnobirthing only work if I’ve had a baby before?

Hypnobirthing works regardless of whether or not you have had a baby before. It’s about providing you with important tools that will help you throughout your pregnancy and labour. You may have had 0 babies or 10 babies, it really doesn’t matter – if you are wanting to feel more empowered about your birth then hypnobirthing is worth doing.

I’ve already had a baby and already have a lot of preconceptions about birth?

Hypnobirthing is very useful for mothers who already have children as it’s a good opportunity to press reset if that’s what they feel is needed. A lot of mothers have benefitted from hypnobirthing if they have had a particularly difficult birth before as it helps them to learn how to let go and gain new confidence in preparation for their next baby’s birth. It is also just as useful for a 2nd time birth partner or parent to attend the course. Even if you had a positive birth the first time, learning new techniques and skills is still worthwhile.

I’ve already done a little bit of hypnobirthing through reading books and watching online videos, is there any point in doing a face to face course?

Reading through hypnobirthing books and watching videos is extremely useful but there is something to be said for coming on a face to face course as it allows you to speak with a qualified hypnobirthing teacher and have that personal interaction. It allows you to ask questions, have set times in the course to practice different techniques and potentially challenge any elements of hypnobirthing that you might not be yet sure about. It is also very useful for your birth partner as they are getting fully involved in the course too as opposed to reading/watching specific parts that you think might be useful. If you do a group course, it’s also a good way of meeting new people who are on the same journey as you!

I want a homebirth, is hypnobirthing for me?

Absolutely! Hypnobirthing is great for homebirths but it is great for ANY type of birth as it’s about focusing your mind and ensuring that regardless of where you are – you feel empowered and that you make the decisions on each step of the birthing journey.

I don’t want a waterbirth, is hypnobirthing for me?

Yes! Hypnobirthing is about how you want to give birth and although a lot of hypnobirthing mothers choose to birth their babies in water due to its relaxing and pain reliving qualities, it’s your decision whether you have one or not.

I am having a caesarean, is hypnobirthing for me?

Yes. Hypnobirthing applies to every single type of birth regardless of what it involves. It’s about you feeling confident about your birth, regardless of whether it’s a vaginal birth or caesarean birth. It’s YOUR birth. Hypnobirthing can provide some very useful relaxation techniques that have proved to be very effective for mothers having a caesarean birth.

I’m really nervous about giving birth, do I have time?

Absolutely, a lot of women feel nervous about giving birth and we are here to support you by giving you (and your birth partner if you choose) the tools to help you feel confident and excited about your baby’s birth. We do recommend that you start hypnobirthing around 20 weeks pregnant where possible. However, if you want to get started earlier or later, that’s fine too!

I’m already in my third trimester, is it too late for me to do hypnobirthing?

No! It’s never too late to learn some techniques and key information about the birthing process and the different options or suggestions that you may come across during your labour. If you are in your third trimester, contact us directly in order for us to look at doing a private course as soon as we can or a group course (subject to availability).

I don’t have a birth partner – can I do the course?

Of course you can, hypnobirthing is still a very valuable tool and we will be able to provide you with the tools to use on the days leading up to and on the day of your baby’s birth. Hypnobirthing is becoming a much more recognised tool to help empower women during their pregnancies and births therefore many NHS trusts are investing in training for their staff (we unable to confirm exactly which trusts these are) therefore it means that caregivers are able to support women much better than ever before. We would also suggest potentially looking for a doula who is a trained birth companion if you are keen to have someone besides a caregiver with you.

My birth partner is really sceptical and doesn’t really want to come on the course?

A lot of people are sceptical about hypnobirthing before trying it out and are often surprised at how much it makes sense! There is plenty of time in the course to try out different techniques and see how they work therefore it’s hard to be a sceptic by the end of it.

The courses are a lot of money – are they worth it?

Hypnobirthing is an investment which is worth making for you to have the best birth experience that you can. Although hypnobirthing is not a guarantee that you will have the birth that you would like it is providing you with important tools and information that will give you the confidence to give birth regardless of the way that it happens. A lot of money is often spent in preparation for the baby but sometimes the birth is left to chance and we want you to have the birth that you deserve. Hypnobirthing techniques can be used in all areas of life where you need to remain calm, focused or if you are feeling apprehensive – they are a tool that you will use for the rest of your life. Many people use them for parenting their children!

Where do you run group hypnobirthing classes?

Hypnobirthing classes in Leeds are currently held in Menston which is close to local towns, Guiseley, Baildon, Ilkley, Otley, and Bingley. Our hypnobirthing classes in Harrogate are currently held in Harrogate town center and are local to Wetherby, York, Thirsk, and Chapel Allerton.

Where do you run private hypnobirthing classes?

These classes can be held either online, at your home or mine, I am able to cover most areas of Yorkshire – do get in touch for extra information or head to the location page to see if your area is there! All classes are run by myself and I can be flexible as to when we can do them.

I don't live in Leeds, will I still be able to do one of your hypnobirthing courses?

Whilst my group hypnobirthing and antenatal classes take place in Leeds. I offer a wide variety of 1:1 options where I cover a larger area of Yorkshire. Areas that I cover are –

Leeds – Otley, Roundhay, Oulton, Horsforth, Bramhope, Wetherby

Bradford – Ilkley, Baildon, Menston, Burley in Wharfedale, Haworth

Kirklees – Cleckheaton, Birstall

Harrogate – Knaresborough, Bilton



Yorkshire Dales and wider areas of Yorkshire


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The March Group Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course – Leeds *Sold Out*

Location: Laura's Home - Guiseley, Leeds - LS20 8QR

Session 1: 17/03/2024, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Session 2: 24/03/2024, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Price: £295 per family

Deposit: £50

*Sold Out* To go onto waiting list - get in touch! This is a two-part class that runs over the two consecutive Sundays. The course space is for both you and your birth partner (only one space needs to be booked). A light lunch and refreshments are included.

Sorry, this class is fully booked! Please look at my other dates or get in touch to join the waiting list or enquire about my other classes.


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