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Hypnobirthing classes in Leeds

Hypnobirthing can be a gamechanger for so many people when it comes to birth preparation – I can honestly say that’s its changed my life. Twice.

So what makes it so different to other types of other antenatal classes?

Its about understanding how our minds works in birth and why its pretty important that we put things in place to help ourselves to feel in control.

Absolutely, birth science and understanding your choices is a huge part of it too.

I often say that hypnobirthing is a bit like a jigsaw, all of the pieces together help people to feel confident about doing what’s right for them and their baby.



After teaching hypnobirthing for over 5 years, I have the experience to support families to prepare confidently for a variety of types of birth.

Hypnobirthing is all about helping you and your birth partner to feel confident and in control during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Whether that’s through creating a hypnobirthing toolkit to feel calm and relaxed or through feeling confident about advocating for yourself – it’s about you and what you want from your experience. The skills are life skills that many parents often go on to use throughout their lives.

I’m here to cheerlead you on, regardless of the type of birth you want – whether that’s a homebirth, an induced birth or a caesarean birth.

And with over 4 years experience of teaching hypnobirthing, my experience of using hypnobirthing in a natural vaginal birth and a caesarean birth – I’m able to support you to prepare confidently for the arrival of your baby.

All of my hypnobirthing courses are available in Leeds, West Yorkshire and surrounding areas of Harrogate, Bradford and beyond as well as online.

Reach out for a chat or if your ready to book – let’s get you prepared to meet your baby!

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The March Group Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Course – Leeds *Sold Out*

Location: Laura's Home - Guiseley, Leeds - LS20 8QR

Session 1: 17/03/2024, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Session 2: 24/03/2024, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Price: £295 per family

Deposit: £50

*Sold Out* To go onto waiting list - get in touch! This is a two-part class that runs over the two consecutive Sundays. The course space is for both you and your birth partner (only one space needs to be booked). A light lunch and refreshments are included.

Sorry, this class is fully booked! Please look at my other dates or get in touch to join the waiting list or enquire about my other classes.

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