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28 July 2019

How Hypnobirthing helped my Birth Partner

Craig and Charlotte

Prior to me starting hypnobirthing, my husband Craig was quite relaxed about having a baby but was very keen to help support me in any way that he could as he knew how anxious I felt prior to getting pregnant.

Read below for Q and A’s I asked him regarding his hypnobirthing journey

  • Prior to doing hypnobirthing how did you feel about pregnancy and the birth of your baby?

I felt calm and relaxed about it but knew that Laura was really nervous!

  • What was it about hypnobirthing that you enjoyed?

The research stats about different types of birth and place of birth. Understanding how labour works which prepares you to make important decisions.

  • Do you think it helped you prepare for the birth of your baby?

 I think seeing the positive impact it had on Laura was the most helpful thing. She was much more confident in herself.

  • Were you able to see the affects that hypnobirthing had on your partner?

 The affects were very visible,  Laura being a little on the nervous side and a meticulous planner always seemed a bad combination pregnancy and birth!  But seeing how hypnobirthing changed her mind set towards the entire experience was amazing. Not only through the pregnancy and labour itself, but beyond that into motherhood and general life. 

As our baby came a month early, plans soon had to be altered, the most noticeable way I could see how much it helped her was when she had to go to another hospital in an ambulance, she was just chilled. Prior to using hypnobirthing, I can’t imagine the worry and adverse effects this would have had on Laura, knowing how terrified she was.  But that didn’t happen, we took everything in and the ‘plan’ was altered to suit our baby as easy as changing the TV channel. This carried on into day to day life with her having a more easy going and calm approach.

  • Choose 3 words to describe hypnobirthing

      Calming, versatile and worthwhile

  • Would you use it again?

      Yes, everytime!

  • What would you say to another parent looking at doing hypnobirthing?

 It’s worth investing in as it not only helps make the whole experience more enjoyable,  but it gives you all the extra information to make informed decisions.

  • Which bit of hypnobirthing did you find most useful being a birth partner?

The research on different options for birth and understanding the benefits of active births. I never knew how much hormones can impact things too. It really helped me understand why Laura wanted things that I didn’t really understand before like a quite space, affirmations and no phone time once she started labour!

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