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Parent Care

14 November 2023

How hypnobirthing has helped me understand more about parenting..


Never did I think that when I started to use hypnobirthing for the first time that I would have an impact on how it would impact how I parented my children… whilst I loved all of the techniques that I learnt and decided to incorporate them into my daily life – I didn’t really think about what a difference they could make on my parenting journey until a year or so ago when Charlotte was getting ready to start going to school.

How did hypnobirthing impact my parenting style?

The first thing that I really started to notice was the impact of language and how important it was for me to be aware of the sorts of things that the kids were listening to and consuming. During hypnobirthing classes, I often talk about the power of the mind and how a lot of our beliefs come from things we’ve either seen or heard in childhood.

So now when I talk about birth or even things like hypnosis – I’m keen to talk about things in a positive way that really helps the children to have more of an open mind about things in the future.

Incorporating mindfulness and hypnobirthing into day to day life with my children

Another thing that I’ve found has been really useful is how many of the different techniques that I often talk in my sessions.

Breathing techniques – these have been a gamechanger when it comes to helping me to think clearer particularly during more challenging parenting moments and the children really enjoy them too – if my daughter is feeling unwell or scared, I tell her to take a few deep breaths and its great to see the immediate impact it has on calming her emotions.

Gentle Touch – With my son William, this has been a really useful one. He’s recently turned 2 and if he’s struggling with a tantrum, I will hold his hand and do some gentle strokes – often this works well at helping him to calm himself and I love it too as it boosts my oxytocin!

Affirmations – We love affirmations, I recently found some amazing once for kids on the Deliciously Ella app and we’ve listened to them loads! These can help build up a kids confidence in any area that you feel would be useful!

Feeling confident when it comes to making choices for my children

Before having my children, I never really thought about the tools that I might need to grow my confidence about making choices on their behalf.

When Charlotte was born, she very quickly developed two birth marks which needed treatment – the skills I learnt through my hypnobirthing course on how to advocate for myself were so useful during this time as I felt much more confident about making informed choices (especially around medical care) – it helped me to really push for what was best for Charlotte as I knew that she needed specialist support.

So has hypnobirthing really made a difference to how I parent?

Hypnobirthing has given me so many foundations to build my confidence in pretty much every area when it comes to my children but I’ve got to say that actually – when I think about it, its really being able to learn to tune into my instinct and trust them that has made the biggest difference to my confidence.

It never really fails to amaze me what a huge impact that hypnobirthing has had on mine and my families lives.

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