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Birth stories
Birth story

20 March 2024

George’s Homebirth – Elle’s Birth Story, 1st Time Mama – Leeds


Here Elle shares how she used her hypnobirthing techniques during her labour along with the support of her birth partner and birth partner.

George Mark Jack Bentley arrived on the 29th October at 10:38 pm and we achieved our homebirth which was absolutely incredible!

Contractions began 24 hours earlier and I managed to go from start to finish using hypnobirthing techniques meaning the only pain relief I felt I needed was the pool we had set up!

We treated part of the labour just like date night! And although we had Alexandra our doula present and different midwives attending we had lovely Xmas candles lit, Xmas films on & nice music playing.

Labour was exhausting and we almost ended up in the hospital due to ‘slow progression’ but while the ambulance was en route George & I pulled together and he arrived about 20 mins after it’d been called!

We’re so pleased we explored the hypnobirthing world as it kept me
present & in control through labour & drug and medical intervention-free.

Marlon was amazing and super confident; even cutting the cord without a moment’s hesitation!
We worked to protect our space and consider decisions using brains!
Marlon’s used the skills he’s learnt from your course during my pregnancy, birth and since George has arrived; challenging when needed, making informed decisions based on research; especially when ‘scare tactics’ have been used – which they certainly have been!

Alexandra complemented this perfectly. She’s an absolute treasure! There every step of the way but not intrusive in any way.

I just wanted to say thank you for the role you also played in our pregnancy and labour journey!

 I never felt any anxiety since your course and felt super confident in our decision to home birth even though we were first-time parents.

The book, relaxation techniques; especially the visual poster (baby in the birth canal) and positive affirmations I put up really helped stay positive and embrace the arrival of our lovely son!

Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s clearly the right path for you!

With love Elle, Marlon & George xx

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