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5 February 2024

Feeling worried and unsure about preparing for your baby’s birth?


Let’s talk about self belief and how it can help you feel confident and prepared for your baby’s birth and beyond.

When it come comes to your birth experience, self belief can go a long way.

For many of us, the idea of birthing our babies is frankly quite scary or something to be endured.⠀

But what I’d like you to think about is – Where have those thoughts come from?

Through watching too many births on TV?

Through listening to birth stories?

From being a kid reading books with the WORST cartoon pictures of birth? (That one was me)…

For a start… many of the births on TV are dramatised or just plain fake. They are designed to get your attention… to keep you watching… to make more money.

When it comes to birth stories, this one is slightly tricker. All I’ll say is every birth story is both fact and opinion – everyone perceives things in different ways.

Its up to you to decide if there are things you’ve taken from a story that you’d want to understand more about to prepare for your own experience. Its always your choice if you want to hear someone’s story – protect your space if you need to.

Really start to understand what you feel will build your confidence. Is it understanding our maternity care system? Birth partner role? Coping mechanisms?

Immerse yourself with things that build your confidence, surround yourself with people who advocate for you and support you.

Educate yourself and your self belief will grow and your feelings towards birth will change.

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