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Preparing for the 4th Trimester Workshop



Whilst preparing for the birth of your baby is crucial, preparing for the postnatal period is just as important. In many cultures across the world, the first 40 days after your baby’s birth are a sacred time – a time for you to get to know your baby, rest and recover.

In modern day society, we often feel that pressure to ‘bounce back’ and receive so much conflicting advice that it can almost become a little overwhelming.

The postnatal preparation class has been designed to help support you to follow that instinct that we learn so much about during hypnobirthing and use it throughout your parenting journey.

What's included

  • Exploring what the 4th trimester, how our culture tends to work and ways to prepare in a positive way
  • The journey our baby goes through to be born
  • Safe sleeping including cosleeping and car seats – information directly from The Lullaby Trust
  • The emotional and physical changes we go through as parents
  • Postnatal care and nutrition
  • Creating a plan for the 4th trimester

What else you will get

  • The Happy Little Nest 4th Trimester Parent ebook
  • A variety of relaxation MP3’s to use in the postnatal period
  • Access to the postnatal support library

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