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Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops & Courses



Here at The Happy Little Nest I offer mindful breastfeeding courses in pregnancy to help you to start off on your infant feeding journey in a confident and calm way. 

Understanding how breastfeeding works as well, the importance of positioning and how newborn babies tend to approach feeding in the days and weeks after birth can really help to support you to start on your feeding journey. 

Just like in birth, it is important for us to understand how our hormones can impact our feeding experience, how different environments can help or hinder us whilst feeding our babies and that’s why an important element of all courses that we offer will cover how to incorporate mindfulness, breathwork and bonding with your baby to support you on your feeding journey. 

If you are currently booked onto another course and would like to include a Preparing to Breastfeed course, feel free to get in touch to add this onto your booking. 

Alternatively, we offer both group breastfeeding workshops and 1.1’s both online and face to face.

What we will cover

  • What to expect from our babies after birth and what to look out for in the days and weeks after birth
  • The importance of our environment to boost our breastfeeding hormones
  • Different positions and how to feed our babies safely in a sleeping environment
  • A relaxation toolkit that you can use during in pregnancy to prepare for feeding, this can then be used throughout your feeding journey
  • What to look out for to get a deep latch and how to know if your baby is drinking well
  • Different breastfeeding positions
  • Preparing for the 4th trimester
  • Ways for your birth partner to be able to support you antenatally and the early days of feeding

What else you will get

  • A variety of relaxation MP3s
  • The Happy Little Nest Breastfeeding Support ebook
  • Access to the breastfeeding support library

How much is the course?

The Antenatal Breastfeeding Course is 4 hours and costs £245

If you have already completed any type of hypnobirthing course with me – I offer a condensed version for 2.5 hours – £125


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