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What courses do I provide?

I’m passionate about supporting people to feel confident and prepared for birth going through to the 4th Trimester. With mindfulness, science and intuition at the heart of everything I do.

That’s why I offer a variety of different courses to help you to feel supported and held during such a special time in your life.

Regardless of your planned type of birth – whether that be an caesarean, waterbirth, induction or homebirth.  I have courses for people who have never done hypnobirthing before and are wanting to overcome anxiety or simply to gain knowledge for themselves and their partner.

There are also courses to complement NCT antenatal courses, and refresher courses for those who have done hypnobirthing preparation with a previous birth.

And of course, there are the postnatal courses too. To help you to feel a little bit more prepared for once your baby has arrived.

The 5* Happy Hypnobirthing Course

My 5* signature hypnobirthing course to help you prepare for a calm, confident and supported birth.

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The course is excellent - informative, clear, dynamic and interactive. Laura is a fantastic teacher and has such a warm personality that you will feel both inspired and nurtured. Look no further!

Josephine Williams

The Ultimate Hypnobirthing and 4th Trimester Package

The Ultimate Hypnobirthing and 4th Trimester package is a premium hypnobirthing and mindfulness package that will help you to prepare for your baby's birth and early days after your baby is born.

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Laura's classes really helped me to understand the birthing process and what to expect so I could have a calm birthing experience. The small class sizes allowed people to talk about their own fears and how to overcome them. Laura is so passionate about her clients and offers genuine support. I couldn't recommended Lauras classes enough.

Elizabeth Blakemore

The Hypnobirthing for Caesarean Course

If you're planning for cesarean birth, this class is all about preparing you to feel confident and in control during your baby's birth. Using hypnobirthing techniques, we will focus purely on c section preparation.

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I can’t recommend Laura enough, she made both me and my husband confident in our birth decisions and was always there at the end of the phone for a chat. You can tell how much she genuinely loves her job and is so friendly and approachable.

Sarah Stainton

The Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

This course is perfect if you've already used hypnobirthing before and your wanting to refresh yourself on the key principles and techniques of hypnobirthing.

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After struggling with high anxiety, pregnancy was something which left me worrying and anxious at stages in my pregnancy and I had a lot of worries for labour and childbirth. Laura was very knowledgeable and positive throughout our sessions and provided myself and my partner with lots of tools and strategies to help with relaxation techniques. My partner also enjoyed the experience as it has given him a more active role he can play whilst in labour, and it has helped us to work more as a team.

Lisa Wrigglesworth

The Hypnobirthing Essentials Class

The Hypnobirthing Essentials Class This class is a great way to learn about some of the key elements of hypnobirthing and doesn’t cover every element.

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Wow, what can I say. Laura is incredible. We were very nervous about the birth process, and despite doing NCT and listening to hypnobirthing books and recordings we still didn’t feel prepared for the birth. Laura has transformed our feelings and now we are really prepared and excited. Thank you Laura, you have given us an invaluable gift and we can’t wait to experience birth and the arrival of our baby.

Ella Sykes

Preparing for the 4th Trimester Workshop

The postnatal preparation class has been designed to help support you to follow that instinct that we learn so much about during hypnobirthing and use it throughout your parenting journey.

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I was initially thinking it wouldn’t be worth the cost and that it wouldn’t really show us anything new, we already had one baby after all. Eventually, I went into the course with an open mind, after being persuaded by my girlfriend to give it a go. I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come. Have an open mind and give it a go. For the price of a few less fancy clothes it is definitely worth it!


Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshops & Courses

Understanding how breastfeeding works as well, the importance of positioning and how newborn babies tend to approach feeding in the days and weeks after birth can really help to support you to start on your feeding journey.

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It’s taken me a while to get started with this review because I really wanted to make it completely clear how incredibly and amazingly invaluable our course with Laura has been. It’s genuinely hard to put into words. Laura’s knowledge, passion, empathy and kindness are absolutely second to none. It radiates from her and I can guarantee you will feel so empowered and cared for after working with her.

Dale Draper

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