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13 May 2020

Birthing in a pandemic – The Birth of Wren – A positive hypnobirthing story


I’m so pleased to be sharing this with you, this is Bonny and Wren – I worked with Bonny and her partner Joe back in December, and I’ve got to say this mama is a warrior woman! Bonny was keen to share her hypnobirthing experience about birthing during the lockdown period to help other parents to be see the value of feeling calm and relaxed during pregnancy and birth. A huge congratulations guys and thank you again for sharing your story 🙂

There really has to be something said for hypnobirthing and then some more! When I found out I was pregnant I was massively excited but equally just as anxious and petrified. I knew I needed to find something to help me cope mentally and train my brain into a more positive state about birth and labour, as this was something I thought would genuinely be the end of me. Pretty dramatic, but true.

I found Laura’s hypnobirthing classes in Otley at 15 weeks pregnant and joined instantly, and WOW!

I gave birth exactly on my baby girls due date and through these weird and troubling times, I can easily say I had the best birth. All my plans for a home birth / pool birth were no longer an option to me towards the end which threw me a little emotionally, but with daily hypnobirthing practice throughout my pregnancy, I was able to labour in complete control…

Hypnobirthing really does provide women with extremely valuable tools not just for pregnancy but for everyday life and one thing I cannot stress enough is NEVER underestimate the power of breathing!!!!! With using the specific breathing techniques I was shown for different stages of my labour I was able to gain all the control, stay in the right frame of mind, stay focused and in the zone.

If anything, my breathing worked a little too well. So we’ll, that I had been dilated for longer than I thought because I had calmly breathed through my strongest contractions for a long time. In the end, no pain relief or medication was needed and the amazing midwives worked with me, my body and my choices to help deliver my baby safely.

If there’s one thing I can take away from hypnobirthing, it’s how much practicing a variety of simple techniques can give you the positive and controlled birth every woman deserves, wherever you end up giving birth. It also allows you and your partner to work

together affectively as a team. I can’t thank my partner, Joe enough for his encouragement, guidance and the ability to know what I needed when I needed it.

Overall, I cannot thank Laura enough for not only providing ongoing support during my pregnancy and afterwards, but also having the passion and knowledge in hypnobirthing to help encourage woman to take control and be the boss of there own births!!!!

Things may have panned out a little differently but using my hypnobirthing tools helped me to regain the control and positive outcome we all deserve!

Bonny x

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